Your love for Allah..


How much do you love Allah swt? 
Whenever we are asked this question, we always say we love Allah more than anything else even our spouses, children, weath – He comes first.
The scholars have said to know if you truly love Allah more than anything else, see what you will choose in a situation where there is something you want to do that goes against what Allah has commanded, which do you choose?  
For if you truly love Him as you say, you’ll leave your desire and obey Him. 
He is the One who created you,
Feeds you, 
Cures you, 
Guides you,
Clothes you,
Protects you,
Forgives you,
Grants You ease,
Accepts your deeds,
Fulfils your dreams,
Answers your prayers,
Blessed you with countless blessings, 
Is always there for you when there is no one else.
Yet you still disobey Him,

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The forgotten miracle…

neuronsWith the immense advancement in Science, scientists have finally discovered the age of the cells in our body. Almost every cell gets renewed after a certain period of time, like the RBC’s (red blood cells) die every 120 days and new ones replace them, the skin cells wear out every two weeks and the White blood cells(WBC’s) after 15.1 years. The brain cells (neurons) are an exception.  Scientific research has shown that the neurons in our body are exactly the same age as us, which means that they are not replaced throughout a person’s life. (The neurons in the cerebellum which are responsible for coordination and balance are 1.5 years younger than you, this makes sense as the way you control your balance and coordination changes over the years). Continue reading

Was that supposed to be a secret?!



Many a times, a friend trusts us with something, and forgets to add in the end the famous line when they share secrets “Shhh..promise me you won’t tell this to any one.” “Promise.”

Or there are even times, when she tells you something and walks away. Now, you go tell that to someone (and we know how news spread like wild-fire!), the next day, the whole place is buzzing with the news and she confronts you regarding that.

“But you did not tell me that was a secret!”  Continue reading