A Gratitudal Landing (Part 1)

I am trying, forgive me..1 A vulture. It might reach the peaks of the highest mountains or even higher, but dives down with its wings tucked in, making a slow landing in such a way that it barely disturbs what surrounds it.

I consider myself blessed studying with people from different backgrounds, from Africa, America, Serbia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Philippines, and almost every country in between. Everyday spent with them is different and new, getting to learn new things, sharing knowledge, some laughter and having fun. But there is one thing that they make me realize every single day I see them – I have with me one of the greatest blessings, after He has blessed me with Islam.

My Parents.

My friends, who I like to call them as my sisters, have come leaving their homelands and their loved ones to study the Deen from its real sources, so that they can be the ambassadors of the Deen, the torch bearers of the Ummah, the trim tabbers of generations to come. All for the sake of Allah. As this academic year is in its final stages, everyone preparing for the year end final exams, many of them are also preparing to go back home.

As we excitedly talk about summer vacations and Ramadan ( اللهم بلغنا رمضان), I see a glint of sadness in the faces of some, and I asked them if everything was alright, some of them just nodded their heads and said Alhamdulillah, and some of them did not say anything at all. After a few seconds of silence, one of my African sisters speaks up, “We can’t travel this summer.” Curious, I asked her the reason, she says : “because of Ebola and few other problems,” and then she goes back to revising for the test, but you could say she isn’t able to concentrate. And then we didn’t discuss that topic again.
The same day, another sister had told that there is a problem going back in her village in Philippines, and her whole family was forced to relocate to the city, and they still haven’t found a place to live. They are now living with her brothers family, but the house is small for seven of them to fit in. The next day, she tells me she lost her father few years back.

All this made me think, to be precise, realize and reflect on a blessing that I very often don’t thank for, the way it has to be!

How is the topic of parents, the incidents that I mentioned and the landing of a vulture inter-connected?

(To be continued…)

Until then, if anyone has any thoughts on this, please feel free to comment 🙂

Jazakumullahu Khairan

– Rafeef Bint AbdulMannan


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