The Quraysh Plot to Kill the Prophet | #WhoIsMuhammad PBUH


Part 18

When the Muslims were facing difficulty under the hands of the Quraysh, and when they thought all hope was lost, few from Yathrib (the now Madinah) embraced Islam and they happily agreed to help their fellow brothers and sisters suffering in Makkah.
This did not go well down the throat of the Quraysh , so they plotted to kill the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم

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Crazy but beautiful

Hurrying down the stairs I observed Abeer lying on the floor. I remember asking her what was wrong but I hardly paid attention to what she replied. The whole place was a chaos since morning. Uncountable guests, weakening state of gramps, and kids shouting all over the place had made us all go wacko.

I wanted to relieve myself from all the stress. Everyone felt the same. I would like to mention my love for sudden unannounced plans. They are the best in times of stress. Yes my dear fellows what I am about to narrate to you is one of the best moments of my life spent with the people I love.

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