Hijab: A Global Perspective


Hijab from a global perspective

We all know how Hijab has been considered as a source of hindrance and criticism from a large number of people through out the world. We wanted all these people to know how Hijabis truly feel about the Hijab. So we asked some of our friends to share their views from 12 different countries!

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Zaira from Pakistan says:
I thing hijab is a beautiful concept and I feel really protected when I am observing it.  For example take two sweets, open one and keep it on the road and let the second one be wrapped and keep it on the same road. You will find flies and dirt around the one which was unwrapped on the other hand the one which is wrapped will be still neat and germ free.
When I am in Hijab, I feel like a beautiful pearl in its shell. My beauty is for myself not for the world to be  displayed or exhibited.

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