Hijab: A Global Perspective


Hijab from a global perspective

We all know how Hijab has been considered as a source of hindrance and criticism from a large number of people through out the world. We wanted all these people to know how Hijabis truly feel about the Hijab. So we asked some of our friends to share their views from 12 different countries!

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Zaira from Pakistan says:
I thing hijab is a beautiful concept and I feel really protected when I am observing it.  For example take two sweets, open one and keep it on the road and let the second one be wrapped and keep it on the same road. You will find flies and dirt around the one which was unwrapped on the other hand the one which is wrapped will be still neat and germ free.
When I am in Hijab, I feel like a beautiful pearl in its shell. My beauty is for myself not for the world to be  displayed or exhibited.

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Choosing Friends


“There are a lot of people who seek solitude but none who can withstand it”

Human beings are social creatures, since the day we are born and till the day we die we keep on making connections. Most of our lives are spent revolving around those we love and care about. It is essential to highlight that there are many we pass by during our life’s journey but only a few stay with us for a life time. What makes these people stand out amongst the rest? Continue reading

Think before you write!


I have been looking up the news for sometime now and it seems the whole world has made a new enemy, Islam. Yes, media and TV channels have taken the lead over the crumbling Islamic world. They have portrayed Islam as the MERS of the ever growing world population. Meanwhile the Muslims are facing failed attempts of trying to save the sovereignty of their religion and states. The thing that disturbed me the most was how many of the brothers and sisters have resorted to swearing and foul language on the social media.

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Hijab: Does it really oppress us?!

hijab quote

A common impression the world has about Muslim woman is that she is oppressed and is forced to cover herself by her family which is actually the opposite!

The Hijab is anything but oppression for a Muslim woman.


Islam protects a woman.

It guards her chastity.

It guards her modesty.

It gives her freedom from all the evil vulgar gazes of men.

It protects her beauty.

It gives her dignity.

Islam views a woman as a precious diamond, which is protected in a shell and saved from any harm. Hijab doesn’t stop a Muslim woman from doing anything.

It is recorded in History and the world is still a witness to thousands of Muslim women excelling in different fields with a veil covering their faces.  Be it an Engineer, doctor, teacher, a student, you name it.

Our mother Ayesha May Allah be pleased with her used to teach the companions of the Prophet Peace be upon him after he passed away. She was not only a great scholar of her times, but she also excelled in other fields including Medicine and Literature.

Umm Ummara  may Allah be pleased with her, defended  the Prophet peace be upon him in the Battle of Uhud along with her husband and two sons, and she didn’t even have a shield to protect herself yet her only concern was to defend the Messenger of Allah. 

Even from a social aspect the hijab plays a vital role in the stability of a society, Muslim communities where women are dressed more modestly relative to other societies, experience a low rate of harassment, rape cases and divorce rate.

And my humble message to Muslim sisters who are reluctant to take the Hijab because they think they can’t pursue their dreams or will face difficulty finding a spouse or other social pressures: know that it’s Allah who is your Raziq, He will provide for you from where you never imagined, just take the first step He has promised to give you the best and increase you in favor. He will defend you when people talk about you, He’ll make you strong when you think it’s hard, He’ll help you in everything because that’s what He has promised those who believe in Him, obey Him and trust Him.

He says: [والذين جاهدوا فينا لنهدينهم سبلنا وان الله لمع المحسنين]

And those who strive for us – We will surely guide them to our ways. And indeed, Allah is with the doers of good. [26:69]

You think you will look the odd one out in your Hijab? The Prophet peace be upon Him gave you glad tidings for that!

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

“Islam initiated as something strange, and it would revert to its (old position) of being strange. So good tidings for the stranger.’’ (Muslim)


Islam has done nothing but uplift the status of a woman, it has given her the dignity and respect she deserves and is entitled to! Hijab doesn’t oppress her, it saves her from oppression!

Embrace it with pride. Don’t deprive yourself of the respect Islam has given you!

Abeer Nouman.