Innate Tactic

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Well accustomed to the word (WAHI) Revelation?? As muslims we are quite familiar with this terminology. It is through these very revelations that the Holy Quran was sent to our ummah, but do you know how many different types of revelations there are??

There are five different natures of revelations. The one I will be discussing in the topic is the innate revelation for animals. There is a daleel (proof) from the Quran on this:


Henceforth, those exceptionally dainty birds that you can see in the picture above have innate instinct embedded into them which allows them to employ rational tactics favorable for their survival.

While it appears completely impossible with its delicate structure but these bee-hunters dig through stones and the only instrument they use is their beaks. They make their nest on the surface of sandstone cliff or make holes along the riverside. They continue to pierce through until the hole becomes a narrow tunnel of about 3 ft. long. Several species of these birds live in colonies made up of 1000 or more birds.

They specialize in bug hunting and feed on bees as it clearly suggests by their name. However it has proven fatal for many birds to eat bees but these tiny creatures have a very special technique up their sleeve which allows them to live on. Bee eaters first rub the bee’s abdomen against a branch of tree and wear it away thus; the venom is discharged without any harm.

Certainly this knowledge about how to deactivate bee’s poison, it could not have attained on its own neither it had discovered through trial and error method. This piece of information is something the bee-hunter was innately born with. Likewise Allah has created all the living things and taught them how to live on this planet.

Deco Ryuu.


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