The Trip to Taif | #WhoIsMuhammad PBUH

The Year of Sorrow in which the two main support system of the Prophet -Peace be upon him- his uncle and wife passed away, was indeed a hard one and start of a new struggle. Now the protection whcih Abu Talib had given him was not there anymore. The Prophet -Peace be upon him-realized there was no hope left from the Makkan people therefore he decided to look for another place to spread his message, starting from, a city south of Makkah, the city of Taif. 


The people of Taif were wealthy and prosperous, had large farms and vineyards. Is also was an important  religious center since it had the Temple of Lat ( a god they used to worship).

In the 10th year of Prophet-hood, the Prophet -Peace be upon him- set out with Zayd bin Harithah -May Allah be pleased with him-to Taif and met with it’s chiefs and leaders to whom he invited to Islam. They not only rejected him message with extreme rudeness and harshness but to add to that, they ordered the children of Taif to throw stones and sand on the Prophet -Peace be upon him- and his companion driving them both out of Taif while mocking and insulting them. 

They both were severely injured and  Prophet’s -Peace be upon him- feet were bleeding and he almost collapsed. They both rested outside of Taif, in an orchard which belonged to two Makkans, who had seen the torture he had gone through, had some mercy on him and sent their slave to tend to the Prophet’s-Peace be upon him-wounds and a place to rest so he can resume his journey back to Mkaah. They also sent their Christian slave-Addas-with a basket of grapes to the Prophet-Peace be upon him-seeing the personality and kindness of the Messenger of Allah -Peace be upon him- he immediately accepted Islam.

It was then when angel Jibrael-May peace be upon him- came to the Prophet-Peace be upon him-and said that Allah had heard what his people and done to him-Peace be upon him-and therefore has sent the angels in charge of the mountains to you so if you say they’ll crush the people of Taif between the two mountains.

Despite being deeply hurt by their actions he-Peace be upon him-rejected that offer and said:  I rather hope that God will produce from their descendants such persons as will worship Allah, the One, and will not ascribe partners to Him. [Muslim: 1795]

Such was the incredible pure heart of the Messenger of Allah may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him.