The Blessed Marriage

Want a blessed marriage?

Follow the Sunnah! 

 The Prophet PBUH said: (The most blessed nikah is the one with the least expenses.) 

 Marriage is a blessed religious occasion in which we ask Allah to bless us and put barakah in our lives ahead but how do we expect a happy blessed married life when the start of it by disobeying Allah swt? 

 Some of the most common sins which are overlooked and regarded as traditions in a marriage ceremony which should be abandoned are: 

 1. Mixing of men and women. 

 2. Dancing and singing. 

 3. Extravagance ( too much spending on the wedding dress, venue, dinner etc)

4. Bride applying fake nails, eyelashes or extensions. ( As the Prophet PBUH has cursed the women who does so) 

 4. Women wearing tight, revealing clothes.

 5. Taking pictures. ( Having a male photographer taking the pictures of the bride and other women is a serious issue which needs to be addressed!)

 6. Following non- Muslims traditions ( which includes Mehendi, Mayoon, Dholki Baarat etc) 

 The Sunnah Marriage: 

 May Allah bless you and your family always. ☺