A Gratitudal Landing (Part 2)

I am trying, forgive me... 1

Remember how I wrote about the vulture landing? Well, keep that in mind all through the end! 

Almost everyday, at least one of our teachers talk about parents and our duty towards them, and I sense my friend sitting next to me wiping her tears, and the whole day one of them tells me her stories with her mother which makes me emotional too. And at the same time, I am reminded how I am not grateful for the blessing of having my parents around everyday! (May Allah grant our parents long life in His Obedience. Ameen) Continue reading


Make that leap! For a bliss that will last forever..


Remember those days when we had simple phones without the camera feature and the only game we played was ‘Snakes’, and seeing who gets the high score?!

That was our favorite phone until.. Continue reading