A Princess or a Knight?

elegant-lace-strapless-a-line-princess-wedding-dress-sl024I was discussing about the work and responsibility of a woman with my cousin the other day and she stated something funny with which the whole talk came to an end. Do you know what she said?

She wished she was a man!

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Name this John Doe??

cultures-weight-loss-tipsI have had the opportunity to study with 46 different nationalities in my diploma program. I also live far from my country, but I do travel to Pakistan often and I am pretty knowledgeable about the customs and cultures there. Throughout my life, I have observed one thing…CHANGE!

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The Blessed Marriage

Want a blessed marriage?

Follow the Sunnah! 

 The Prophet PBUH said: (The most blessed nikah is the one with the least expenses.) 

 Marriage is a blessed religious occasion in which we ask Allah to bless us and put barakah in our lives ahead but how do we expect a happy blessed married life when the start of it by disobeying Allah swt? 

 Some of the most common sins which are overlooked and regarded as traditions in a marriage ceremony which should be abandoned are: 

 1. Mixing of men and women. 

 2. Dancing and singing. 

 3. Extravagance ( too much spending on the wedding dress, venue, dinner etc)

4. Bride applying fake nails, eyelashes or extensions. ( As the Prophet PBUH has cursed the women who does so) 

 4. Women wearing tight, revealing clothes.

 5. Taking pictures. ( Having a male photographer taking the pictures of the bride and other women is a serious issue which needs to be addressed!)

 6. Following non- Muslims traditions ( which includes Mehendi, Mayoon, Dholki Baarat etc) 

 The Sunnah Marriage:


 May Allah bless you and your family always. ☺