When our goals met,  so did our hearts.
‘When love is for the sake of Allah,  it never dies,  continues till Jannah.’
We started as classmates,  we just knew each other by names,  a smile,  a Salam and how are yous. That’s how it used to be.
Almost a year and half passed,  we were still the same.
But when our goals met,  so did our hearts.

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A message from the Philippines

It was almost a week since exams ended and summer vacations began, since day one of the holidays, I have been keepingA call from Philippines myself busy, learning something new every other day. Alhamdulillah. But even in between all that, I felt I was missing something. Yes, I could spend more time with family, I had no tension of classes the next day or an exam coming up or a deadline for a submission. Yet, I found something not the same. Until, I got a message from the Philippines. Continue reading

“…But I am not the best of you”

Any-Muslim-Abu-Bakr-as-Siddiq-Quotes-He had a spotless ancestry, humble nature, wide knowledge, and was well known for his refined manners. Abu Bakr’s name in Jahiliyyah (age of ignorance) was Abdul Kaaba. Prophet peace be upon him named him Abdullah. He lived as a well to do merchant in Makkah before the advent of Islam. He is known to have never worshiped an idol even before Islam. After the first wahi (revelation) came down, Abu Bakr became the first man to embrace Islam without any hesitation. Continue reading