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Matt suggested that instead of writing five facts about myself, I could write about five misconceptions concerning Islam. I really liked his idea and went ahead with it as it could be helpful to many people who have confusions regarding some beliefs and practices related to Islam. So here are the five common misconceptions about Islam that I believe need to be cleared.


Misconception # 1: Islam promotes and permits terrorism.

Islam is a peaceful religion which condemns cruelty and injustice even in the smallest matters. The media has portrayed Muslims as terrorists who have no value of innocent human lives which is actually the opposite.  Allah says in the Quran:

“ If anyone murders an innocent person, it will be as if he has murdered the whole of humanity. And if anyone saves a person it will be as if he has saved the whole of humanity.” [5:32]

Even in war the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) has commanded us not to kill children, women and the elderly nor destroy plant or kill animals unnecessarily.

Study Islam for yourself and see what its teachings are. Just because someone blows himself up saying he is a Muslim doesn’t mean he actually is and neither does a small group of Muslims define Islam as a whole, not every Muslim follows all the teachings of Islam.

Misconception # 2: Islam oppresses women specially through Hijab.

Islam has given women the dignity and respect she deserves and a high status which wasn’t given to her before. In olden days women were ordinary materialistic commodities rather than humans. A woman was bought and sold to whoever wanted her, she wasn’t given any share from inheritance nor did she have any say in the house. Islam gave her the freedom she was deprived of. In Islam a women is treated like the queen of the house. She is taken care of and protected. She has the right to study, work, inherit, choose her own spouse, divorce etc. It is commanded to treat women with utmost justice and respect.

Moreover the Hijab is actually a freedom for her, a freedom from all the glances of men. It s a protection of her chasity and dignity. She is not a showcase to be seen by everyone. In fact her beauty is something precious.

Misconception # 3: Forced marriages are allowed in Islam.

Arranged marriages are a norm in the societies of many countries and its not something confined to Islam.

In Islam both men and women have equal rights to choose spouse for themselves and reject a proposal if they don’t find someone suitable for themselves likewise. In fact, the marriage is not even valid if the girl is forced by her guardians.

If a man finds a woman attractive to him or vice versa the best thing for them is to get married.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “We do not think that there is anything better for those who love one another than marriage.” (Narrated by Ibn Maajah)

Misconception # 4: All Muslims are Arabs.

Yes, the Prophet Peace be upon him was sent to the Arab nation but his message is for the whole of mankind. Islam is a universal religion.

The Arabs only make up 15%-20% of the Muslim population in the world, the rest are non-Arabs.

While the majority of Arabs are Muslims, there are many other religions that Arabs practice including Christianity and Judaism.

Misconception # 5: Islam is intolerable to other religions.

Some people think Islam in not tolerant to other faiths and religions, which is not true. Islam prohibits from making fun of other religions and their Gods.

There are many historical examples of Muslim tolerance towards other faith. One such example was when the caliph Umar was ruler of Jerusalem from 634 to 644 AD. He granted freedom to all religious communities and said that the inhabitants of his city were safe and that their places of worship would never be taken away from them. He also set up courts that were designated to the non Muslim minorities.

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