Staying hydrated in Ramadan.


One of these days I overslept and missed Suhoor, and to make matters worse, the previous night after breaking my fast I had little water. The result – after Asr that day, I was (exhausted)*100.

So, I did my little research on how to stay hydrated. ( Just in time when my article was due! Coincident much? )

Here are some do’s and don’t s

Don’t s :

  • Do NOT fill up your stomach with water right after eating Suhoor. Nah, it doesn’t help.
  • Avoid any caffeinated drinks all through Ramadan, it does more harm than good. It sucks up all the water in your body.
  • We “desis” love our samosas and fried foods. It is a big NO! It increases thirst.
    (How can we say no to samosas?! Well, you could have it once or twice in a week)
  • After long hours of staying thirsty, and the end of the fast, when you break your fast, there is nothing more refreshing to the throat than an iced water. NO!
    It can cause blood vessels to contract and cause indigestion.
  • Avoid too much salt, it increases your body’s need for water and thus you feel thirsty.
  • Be gentle on your stomach, don’t surprise it with too much food when it has stayed hungry for quite long hours!

Do’s :

  • Drink small quatities of water all through the night.
    (I carry a bottle of water to the Masjid (or grab two bottles provided in the Masjid )  while going for Taraweeh, so after each two rak’ah, I take a sip from it)
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, they provide you with the fluid you need and the fruits have the sugar to keep you energized.


These are few points I could come up with. If you have any other information, kindly share. Would love to read them!


P.S: Whatever steps you take to reduce the feeling of thirst, you will feel thirsty. Take this opportunity to think of our blessings and thank Allah for it. May Allah accept our fasts, prayer and recitation of the Qur’an, and every good deed from all of us. Ameen.


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