Ramadan for little ones

“Can I watch My Little Pony?”

“No cutie, do you know that it’s Ramadan and we should read Quran?”

“But I want to watch cartoons!”

“Why don’t you read Quran with me?”

“Nooo, cartooooons!”

[Crying ensues]

Meet my little sisters, Yusra and Khawla. They are aged 5 and 3 years respectively and they love cupcakes, My Little Pony and bedtime stories. They do not like reading Quran, or any other ‘boring things’ like praying or reading books.

Sounds familiar? In our age of smartphones and YouTube, it’s a struggle to distance innocent children from technology that can harm them. It’s an even bigger challenge to find the energy to deal with them while fasting! While it’s certainly difficult, it’s not impossible and with time and patience we’ll soon see beautiful results.

Here are a few tried and tested ways to share this amazing month with the children around you, some of which have become traditions in our family, as I hope they do in yours. Allow my sisters to be your little guides…

  1. Tell children about what Ramadan is

Allah has created children naturally curious and they love to learn new things! Explain in simple words how Ramadan is a month of fasting, worship, togetherness and patience, plus we get to eat yummy iftar and buy nice clothes for Eid. Trust me, Yusra and Khawla are so excited 😀


  1. Little helping hands in the kitchen

Some of my sweetest memories from Ramadan are of me helping my mother make delicious samosas for iftar, and I’m sure you have your own childhood favourites which are close to your heart. While this requires patience, children enjoy making things using their own hands and this helps improve motor skills and teamwork. And who knows? You may see some very unique samosa shapes at the end 😉


  1. Story time!

Little ones love stories and even adults do! There is wisdom behind why so many stories are in the Quran, and Ramadan is the perfect time to share and learn from these incredible stories with children. You can find many books and videos to help you and you don’t have to stick to stories from the Quran. An added bonus is that this doesn’t require constant supervision, so you can do some quiet worship alone. My sisters and I are currently reading ‘Zainab’s Ramadan Basket’, which you can find here.



  1. Sowing seeds

Ramadan is a wonderful time to lay the foundation for new habits which can be continued for the rest of the year.

Perhaps this year could be the first time a young child prays salah. Or maybe the first time they fast, or give a few pennies in charity. And imagine if this continued for the rest of their lives. Sow your tiny seed today, and reap the fruits for years to come.


  1. Eid!

We all love preparing for Eid! Use this opportunity to give to others, as well as enjoying yourselves. Explain to children that millions of people can’t afford new clothes for Eid, and that this Eid perhaps we could send something to the neighbours, or visit a children’s hospital?


These are just five ideas but the list is truly endless. I’m excited to see how we’ll apply them in this blessed month.

Ramadan Mubarak to you and yours from Yusra, Khawla and all of us at The Hidden Prestige. May this be a time of happiness and togetherness, and may we all live to see many more Ramadans filled with joy and sweet memories.

Raweeha Abdul Rab

In case you missed it, you can read Abeer’s post from Day 1 here.


3 thoughts on “Ramadan for little ones

  1. For the Sake of God

    A person who fasts during the month of Ramadan is, by way of fasting, making a declaration that ‘O God, my Lord, for Your sake I will save myself from all distractions, even if it involves abstaining from food and water.’ Why does one save oneself from distractions during the month of Ramadan? It is so that one can read the Book of God, ponder over its messages and discover its deeper meaning through reflection.  

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