The tyranny, Boycott | #WhoIsMohammad PBUH



The conversion of Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib and Umar bin Alkhattab had a profound effect on the situation of the early Muslims, but the Quraysh persisted upon the religion of their fore fathers and began making plans to stop the prophet peace be upon him from continuing his mission.

After multiple failed attempts of stopping the prophet peace be upon him from preaching Islam, the Quraysh decided to boycott him and his tribesmen. They all swore not to have any business interactions with Bani Hashim and Bani Muttalib. They even stopped marrying from their tribes and broke all their relations with them. A parchment regarding the boycott was written down and hung in the Ka’bah. All children, women, old and even sick of Bani Hashim and Muttalib were forced to retire to the narrow pass (Shib Abi Talib) in the outskirts of Makkah. The siege started in the beginning of the seventh year of prophet hood and went on for three years. The prophet peace be upon him and his men didn’t even have have enough food to feed the little children. The place echoed with the shouts and hunger of people. Quraishites would buy all the food before it would enter the city of Makkah. This way people living in the valley were not able to access any food. Their situation started deteriorating rapidly. The prophet peace be upon him kept preaching to the people regardless of his situation.

In the tenth year of prophet hood, five men rose against the covenant. They declared the oath as intolerable. Many of their relatives were suffering from the oath and they wanted the Quraysh to lift the boycott. One day Abu Talib came to the leaders of Quraysh and told them that his nephew has received a revelation that the parchment has been eaten away by ants except the parts that bore the name of Allah. He suggested that if the news is correct, they would lift the boycott. The Makkans agreed to his demand. Al Mu’tim went to see the parchment that hung on the wall of Ka’bah only to find it eaten away by ants except the part that had Allah’s name.

The boycott was cancelled as per the deal. The Quraysh witnessed a great sign of prophet hood, but they persisted upon their religion as is mentioned in the Quran:

وإن يروا ءاية يعرضوا ويقولوا سحر مستمر

But if they see a sign, they turn away and say this is continuous magic (52:2)