Hijab: A Global Perspective


Hijab from a global perspective

We all know how Hijab has been considered as a source of hindrance and criticism from a large number of people through out the world. We wanted all these people to know how Hijabis truly feel about the Hijab. So we asked some of our friends to share their views from 12 different countries!

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Zaira from Pakistan says:
I thing hijab is a beautiful concept and I feel really protected when I am observing it.  For example take two sweets, open one and keep it on the road and let the second one be wrapped and keep it on the same road. You will find flies and dirt around the one which was unwrapped on the other hand the one which is wrapped will be still neat and germ free.
When I am in Hijab, I feel like a beautiful pearl in its shell. My beauty is for myself not for the world to be  displayed or exhibited.

Fiddah Afzal from UK says:

This one piece of cloth brought with it countless changes in my life. My whole life took a U-turn. My husband started respecting me more, we had more happiness in our relationship than we had ever before. Living in non-Muslim countries, we are constantly surrounded by distractions and temptations that overwhelm our intention to wear hijab – we just have to remember that sacrificing fleeting desires will ultimately result in the biggest and best desire of all: the pleasure of Allah and the rewards of Jannah. If you are fearful or confused about hijab, just remember, only good can come from it.

My advice is, a life on disobedience to Allah is not worth it. The Shaytan wants the Son of Adam to commit Fahisha (Vulgarity), don’t fall into his traps. Dear sisters if you don’t wear hijab make a commitment with Allah that from now on you will and you will see your life transforming before your very own eyes in sha Allah.

Fatima from Philippines says:
I proudly wear my hijab as its part of my deen. AlhamdulilAllah I can easily observe the Islamic veil in my country.
Girls can study and work with their veils without facing any problems. But the people in the capital aren’t really familiar with it so they stare a lot and ask me why I cover my face even when its so hot.

Amani from Thailand says:
I was born in a Muslims village where all the women used to observe the Hijab.
I started wearing the hijab from a young age and owned alot of hijabs of different colours and designs.
But when I was in High school, I got a chance to go in depth and learn the reality of Hijab and why Allah سبحان الله had prescribed it for women. It changed the way I thought about it and thanked Allah سبحان الله for this great blessing He has blessed to women.
But unfortunately majority of the Muslim women in Thailand don’t follow the Islamic guidelines with respect to the modest dress code of women in Islam.
I remember smiling to myself when my teacher once said ‘ Your Hijab is a sign of your chastity, righteousness and pureness.’

Sa’adah yusufich from Serbia says:
When I step outside my house with my veil, I feel as if the angles have covered me with their wings and form a wall around me protecting me from men. I am at ease knowing I am not a source of lust and temptation for men.

Fadilah from Turkey says: 
Women observing Hijab and specially those who cover their faces face a lot of criticism and violence in my country because people usually think everyone who is covered up is a terrorist.
If a woman uses the public transport with her veil, people stare at her and look at her in a negative way.
So I hope the views regarding the Hijab change because it is a command of Allah سبحان الله and when a Muslim woman  covers herself she is actually worshiping her Lord

Zara Andaleeb from Canada says:

Practicing hijab gives me a secure feeling, secure from Allah’s punishment. Because there is nothing more harmful or painful than the displeasure of the Creator. It’s another issue of talking about the benefits of hijab in Dunya, but obeying the Creator comes first. When we obey Him, we know for certain that He will protect us from every harm of the dunya and the aakhirah. Isn’t it sufficient to feel secure from the eternal than the temporary?
Alhamdulillah for Islam!

A friend from Egypt:
Since I have noticed Abaya and scarf on my mom and other women, I always wanted to try it. It was an instinct in me that I wanted to wear it as soon as I got the chance . I got the opportunity when I attended school in ksa and it was obligatory to wear it on first grade and so on. I did not feel I was forced as much as I liked  the feeling of being secure. If you asked from what, I do not know just a feeling I still harbor till now. Besides obeying Allah’s order for a grownup women to wear modest clothes outside their home, we do it also in our prayer when facing Allah. I feel secure and happy when wearing Hijab because when I tried once to take it off it was scary and I felt the need to cover myself up. Although the concept of نقاب and abaya would give a bad impression in our country as they assume you belong to Muslim brothers or terrorists. Even there are places you are not allowed to enter with hijab. It hurts me to see Muslims in our country support this unreasonable laws in some public places. While in non-Muslim countries like Australia, it is your freedom. How odd?
Samiha Mansoor from India:
Practicing Hijab in non Islamic country needs strong Imaan and courage. They ask questions when you cover yourself with Hijab. You can get questions like “Why do you cover like this?” Sometimes you will be the odd one in the gathering. There are people who mock at your covering. You need patience in order to hear those comments. Especially it is difficult to maintain Hijab once inside home, when there are non mahrams. 
It needs enough strong Imaan to practice it. And remember when ever you feel you are the odd one in the gathering or staring at your Hijab, just say to yourself ” This Is My Identity”  “I cover myself in order  to please my Creator and not His Creation”.
Fatima from Pakistan says: 
In a society where there are those men who seem to have X rays fitted in their eyes and those looks that would tear a woman apart, those bullying sentences that they would use for any lady passing by, Hijab has been a blessing for me. As I had to commute through public transport for university, I came across all kinds of people belonging to different classes, I found it very comfortable to be veiled from their filthy looks. The level of satisfaction I felt when wearing Hijab was irreplaceable. It gave me the confidence to move around in public and has never let me down anywhere. i have always been placed at a respectable position all due to my Hijab and I have never felt myself any less than anybody or never have had the feeling of backwardness. It has brought about a bold, confident me. I am proud that I am not known for my looks or physique, but for my Hijab.
Areej from Australia says:
I wear the hijab as my obligation to Allah. I believe it’s an important and mandatory part of our faith. Hijab is something which represents both spiritual and physical aspects of Islam. Also, I’ve grown up in a family where everyone wore a hijab, so it has become a familiarity and a way of comfort.
Hijab makes me feel closer to Allah, almost in the same way praying or reading the Quran would as I’m making an effort to do something to please Him. It’s a part of my identity and I get to represent the Islamic community in a non-Muslim country. (Also, I don’t have to worry about brushing my hair when I go out, so that’s always a plus. I’m very grateful to God that I haven’t received any negative responses to my Hijab, like so many women have. I’ve caught some stares, but that’s just about it. The community that I live in is very welcoming. Me and my Mom have received many compliments for our scarves. (They have a hard time believing that I have color-coordinated scarves for all my clothes). My classmates have asked me questions about it, which I’ve happily answered. (asking questions is way better than making assumptions) Some girls still can’t believe I have normal long hair, though which is just hilarious. I’m still waiting for someone to ask me what I’m hiding under my hijab, so I can tell them that I have Voldemort underneath.

Momina Mosa from Thailand says: 
Thailand is a Buddhist country but as its a Democratic state people have a freedom of religion so a Muslim woman has every right to dress up however she wants and observe her Islamic veil.
The Hijab is an identity of a Thai Muslim  women and one of the criteria for protection of women in Thailand, That’s why I have never faced any problems with respect to my beliefs and veil.
Finally, I love my homeland and its lifestyle.

Batool from Somalia says: 

Sheikh Mashary al Kharraz said: I came across a village in Somalia and found every woman there covered in veil. They observed this act of obedience so well that even a three year old was found with a veil and mothers would give birth with their veils. These kids have learnt that Hijab is source of protection and representation of Islam. They realize that Hijab is a source of pride and righteousness for them.

Sondus from America says:

America is a place full of freedom, nobody stops you from doing what you want except from certain states and towns. Taking Hijab in America has somewhat been a tedious task for me. I would cover my face in the beginning, but I was forced to take it off because of the criticism I faced. People would stare at me more and many maintained a distance from me thinking I would hurt them. I feel more comfortable wearing my Hijab around people here.

-The Hidden Prestige Team


16 thoughts on “Hijab: A Global Perspective

  1. How wonderful to see how the women feel about wearing the Hijab. It most enlightening. Please forgive this question, why do some cover all her face and some only her head and neck? Thank you for sharing your stories.


  2. This is beautiful! 🙂 As a Muslim convert in the U.S. who has both lived without & now with my hijab, I LOVE wearing hijab & dressing more modestly in a society where wearing less & less is becoming more & more normalized. It makes me feel like a beautiful queen, deserving of respect & off-limits to hands & eyes. I have a sense of pride & privacy, & I am much more confident now that all of my “problem” areas (as deemed by society) aren’t on display for all to criticize. They are no longer “problem” areas – they are just part of my beautiful body, created by the Almighty, & not for everyone to see. Putting on my hijab is like putting on my uniform in the morning. It is a constant reminder of who I am & who I want to be – how I want to behave & how I want to project myself. I think it keeps me more on point with my faith, & I am happy & priviledged to wear it. ❤

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  4. Assalaamu’alaikum.. I love this post, it’s awesome.. 🙂 I’m O. I was born in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Our country have multy religion, culture, ethnicity, race, etc; but we live in peace. I’m wearing hijab and I love traveling, hijab makes me feel awake and comfortable traveling anywhere, I’m proud with it.Today, hijab became a fashion inspiration in our country 🙂

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