Islam’s biggest holiday is just around the corner. Muslims all over the world celebrate this festival. More than 3 million Muslims complete their spiritual journey to the city of Mecca. The festival commemorates Ibrahim (AS)’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail (AS) while he was being tested by Allah (SWT). Allah loved his submission and made Hajj obligatory upon every Muslim to perform this ritual if he/she has the capability to do so. Hajj’s significance can be comprehended by it being one of the five basic pillars of Islam.

The most amazing aspect of the whole ceremony which I found was that people from different countries, traditions, color and school of thought stand together performing same rituals and going through the same procedures. Rich with poor, black with white, educated with uneducated, Arab with a non-Arab, because in front of Allah all men are same.

At some point you realize that as much as this helps the spiritual part of us, it gives us a sense of belonging. You reflect upon yourself by being together with other people, cooperating with them despite the language barrier. It teaches us patience and tolerance, the two very qualities hard to learn.

Pilgrims present a complete different scenario to those back at home, but people not performing Hajj also have a very busy time preparing for the ‘big day’. There are countless preparations waiting to be taken care of. They are required to fast for nine days before Eid, buying the animal, taking care of it, the Eid prayer, the sacrifice, arrangements for guests and the list goes on…

The day of Eid is indeed a joyful one. It brings with itself a sense of giving and brotherhood in the community. I wish Muslims from all over the world a very Happy Eid. I would also like to ask my readers a huge favor. Please do share with us how you have spent your Eid. Without a doubt there are going to be some differences but I believe that these very differences are what bring us together and make us stronger !


43 thoughts on “HAPPY EID !!!!!

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  2. I hope I’m not overstepping my mark, not being a Muslim, but Eid Mubarak! I think your blog is so helpful in teaching me as an outsider what it is like being a Muslim. I had no idea what Eid is and I couldn’t find any information online, so this post really helped me understand.

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