I wanted to take my stuff from the room but he had it locked since the last two hours. I couldn’t understand why. He was busy talking to someone and I was forced to interrupt his call by knocking on the door. He ignored it I was sure. Reluctantly I knocked harder this time. He opened it in a while with a “what do you want” face. I made my way in by saying I need some of my stuff. Before heading out I turned to him and said this room belongs to all of us and it’s better if you keep the door open. He was little bothered and said he was not in mood to talk to me and that I should go away.

Moving through the place I could actually feel the terrific aura  screaming ‘My place’, ‘My time’, ‘My cookie’, My…

What I want to address is the very nature of human beings proclaiming materials for themselves, while we out of all the creatures are quite acquainted with the fact, no matter what religion or race, that death is inevitable and we will eventually leave nothing behind except a cluster of memories, good or bad. Humans have this innate policy of sharing happiness, sadness, problems, success and many more things with people around them but why do we start having reservations when it comes to sharing worldly resources?

I think that people who feel this way are constantly haunted by the fear of loss of control. They are scared, scared of being left out or loose that little amount of whatever they thought was in their control. And not knowing how to deal with the situation they take some actions, most of the times leading to breaking bonds and crossing limits.

The term ‘selfish’ describes a person who has a lot of insecurities and has no idea how to deal with them. If they were a tiny bit confident that giving or sharing is not going to make them lose something or be left behind they wouldn’t have done it. Here is where our trust in Allah (SWT) comes in. When He says that He is Ar-Raziq then why do we trouble ourselves with this insignificant matter? Why do we keep looking down on our Lord and think that some human has the capability of snatching our blessings from us? Let’s take a moment here to think for ourselves, have we fallen down so much?

YES we have! And it explicitly explains the circumstances that our Ummah is in right now. There’s a beautiful saying of Umar (RA) and I quote

“My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me and that what misses me was never meant for me”.

We as Muslims should be the ones cleaned from this disease as Islam teaches more about selflessness than any other religion. Nowadays most of the people start being mean to others who are disrespectful towards them; this is solely because they expect good from them just as they had done. What we forget is that we alone will atone for our deeds.

Be nice to people, however they treat you and never expect any good in return because the only one who is capable of giving us anything is Allah (SWT) and He alone will be enough for us.

Let us pray to Allah that He gives us the ability to learn our religion and practice it as well, for surely successful are those who are saved from their own selfishness!

Deco Ryuu



13 thoughts on “I ME MYSELF

  1. Regardless of our religion or faith or place in the world, you are so right because we do all need to be far less selfish and much more giving of ourselves and our resources. Thanks for the thoughtful reminder. Jesus asks the same of we Christians as well. Blessings, Natalie 🙂

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  3. Hey! I really like your posts, they are so insightful and enlightening. I have nominated you for the creative blogger award, you just have to give five facts about yourself. Because I know that doing these award posts isn’t your style I thought that if you fancied it you could right five facts about Islam, maybe something which counters some of the stereotypes and misconceptions people have about the faith. I hope you find time to do it, you can find my post here:https://mattandhiscats.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/the-creative-blogger-award/
    Matt 😀

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