Forgotten Blessings.

A few days ago I read something a sheikh had posted that really touched my heart, he said life would be very easy if we understand that we wont get everything we want in this world, we should be thankful with what we have, be content and enjoy the existing blessings. They are so many people praying to get what we want yet we take them for granted and keep winning over what we dont have.  

This really got to me and made me at ease realizing we are blessed with so many things and many of them are gifted without even asking!

So this post is a short reminder to be thankful for all the little things we overlook, the ones we fail to relaize and forget to thank Allah for.

Thank Allah for the lovely gift of Islam which made life so peaceful and easy.

For accepting our good deeds.

For forgiving our sins.

For the ease after difficulties.

For the cure after sickness.

For all the answered prayers and fulfilled wishes.

For the happiness after sadness.

For the success after failure.

For being free of physical disabilities.

For having delicious meals 3 times a day.

For the air-conditioned house and the cozy bed you sleep in.

For the safe neighborhood you live in.

For the parents who love you

For the brother who cares for you.

For the sister that supports you.

For the friend who guides you.

And for all the countless things that makes your life beautiful.

And just remember, He gave you so many things without asking, what makes you think He wont give you what you asked Him for? 🙂

He swt says:

[وإذ تأذن ربكم لئن شكرتم لأزيدنكم]

[And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]]

Thank you Allah for everything ♥

Abeer Nouman.