But He is The Forgiver and The Most Merciful..

I have often heard and seen people, doing what they want, not following the commandments of Allah SWT while knowing it or following only those which are easy and feasible to them and when they are reminded and advised they say, ‘ Allah is AlGafoor and Ar Raheem.”

Well yes Allah swt is surely Al-Gafoor (الغفور The Forgiver and Hider of Faults ) and Ar-Raheem ( الرحيمThe Merciful), in fact He SWT is also Al-Lateef ( اللطيف The Most Gentle),

Al-Ghaffar ( الغفار The Great Forgiver),

Ar-Raoof ( الرؤوف The Compaasionate),

Al-Afuwwu ( The Forgiver),

Al-Tawaab (التواب The Guide to Repentance)

BUT He is also;

Severe in penalty (شديد العقاب)

The Owner of Retribution (ذو انتقام)

He is swift in account (سريع الحساب)

if this was the case, then why has Allah swt defined whats Halal or Haram, why is there Paradise and Hell-fire? We could all do whatever we like and still be forgiven!

It’s your deeds that will determine how you will be dealt in the hereafter.

There is no doubt that Allah loves to forgive his servants and accepts repentance but that doesn’t mean we live how we want, do whatever we want and then expect to be forgiven anyways. It’s a 2 way deal not one-sided.

You ask Him, He gives you.

You thank Him, He gives you more.

You remember Him, He remembers you.

You ask for forgiveness, He forgives you.

We cant just keep fooling ourselves. We need to realize and work for His Paradise.

Abeer Nouman.

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