Eid : Ennui or Euphoria


The month of Ramadan is at its end. Everybody must be looking forward to Eid-ul-Fitr. It is a celebration for Muslims from all over the world who have fasted and obeyed Allah (SWT) and the time when the whole Muslim community comes together to share each other’s joy. However, no matter what the occasion, Muslims are required to help and lessen the burden of those suffering.

Like everybody else I myself get pretty excited about Eid, but it was when I came across few comments going viral on social network like



I was clearly taken aback by them which also pumped me up to write this article.

Well…Well… all you people out there who think that Eid is boring let me enlighten you Eid is not boring… YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!

Unfortunately we Muslims have forgotten the true essence of worshipping Allah (SWT). Some merely think of fasting as an annual diet plan while others just do it out of responsibility. Eid is not about sitting and eating, it’s about getting close to Allah, experiencing the spirit of increasing emaan, thanking Him for all that He has given you and caring about others. If you were to know the real purpose of Eid, I bet you would definitely have a very delightful day wouldn’t you?

Henceforth I have decided to share some tips or hacks which can hopefully make your Eid entertaining and productive.

  • Start preparing two or three days in advance, for example cleaning the house, decoration, menu for lunch or dinner so that you don’t end up with everything ready to de done just the night before. It gets really hectic especially for the ladies, they stay up the whole night working their heads off only to sleep over and miss the Eid prayer.
  • Prepare gifts for the poor people or anybody in general, as this month is all about caring and sharing. Get your siblings involved as well. Active participation from everyone can make it more fun and you never from where a new idea might pop up. This year I and my sisters decided to make small gift bags with chocolates inside them, to hand out to poor children. Everybody loves chocolate.
  • It’s always preferable to shop before Ramadan for Eid. That saves a lot of time which can be utilized in worshipping. More importantly there’s always that complementary dupatta (scarf) which you can’t find or some meticulously chosen accessary that never actually got checked out and you accept this reality only after searching for an hour through all the shopping bags. This is what happens when you shop during rush hours.
  • Make sure you hand out the invitations before time so that your family and friends don’t find it interfering with their own plans.
  • Call out friends and neighbors, have fun activities planned out for them or put on henna or bake cupcakes and distribute in the neighborhood to ignite the spirit of Eid.
  • The night preceding Eid is a very especial time in terms of worshipping, avoid wasting time in malls or bazars. Spare the last third of night to pray and ask Allah (SWT) to accept your deeds and hardships that you have endured throughout the month.
  • The Eid prayer is one of the crucial parts of the whole Festival.

Get up early

Take a bath

Put on your best stuff

For the ladies I would recommend that wear comfy clothes as we usually wear abayas on top which makes it quite uncomfortable to sit through the prayer time.

  • After the prayer greet everyone not just people you are acquainted with. There are always some new comers standing alone in the corner, greet them as well and hug them. Nobody should be left out on this exceptional day.
  • Call family and friends living abroad to say Eid Mubarak instead of just messaging as it is more appropriate.
  • Dine outside or have lunch at a new restaurant. It’s always appealing to expose our taste buds to something different.
  • Visit relatives and the sick ones.
  • Spend quality time with your family, talk to them about yours goals or certain resolves you made during Ramadan. Watch something together or anything you used to do with them a long time back. This will bring back some nice memories.

I sincerely hope these hacks will help you have a wonderful time on Eid and understand the true meaning behind it. The main focus of Eid is not partying wildly, but more profound and eloquent then that as can be understood by the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW).

I pray that May Allah (SWT) accept our deeds and make this Ramadan a turning point in our lives for the better.

For those who still think that Eid is a simple mundane routine every year here’s a catch for you

“Celebrating all-round the year and dozing off on the Eid day is equivalent to stupidity overdosed!”

which by the way has no cure…



4 thoughts on “Eid : Ennui or Euphoria

  1. Nice title 😀
    Glad to say we follow most of the hacks you have posted, and they actually DO turn eid into an enjoyable festival, how its meant to be.
    Good advice, indeed no one should be left out in eid celebrations. I’ll try to follow that this time 🙂
    Studipidity oversode..hahaha that made me laugh 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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