A Selfie with the Ka’bah?


The holy month of Ramadan is here and as we all know the two holy cities (Makkah and Madinah) are packed with God’s visitors and worshippers. Everyone wants to go and spend their Ramadan there in hopes of becoming the dwellers of heaven. However I have been there recently and I noticed something that irked me to my very core… people taking pictures. Now you must be wondering why was it so bothersome?  Well how would you feel if you came across a family of four (in the middle of tawaf mind you) and the wife is struggling to take a picture of her husband and her smallest one (whose cries make it known he doesn’t approve of this picture taking business), while her another son is attempting to go bungee jumping from the mutaf. But she doesn’t care… why? Because duh she has to capture the moment! Or if you are extremely unlucky you shall come across someone making a video of themselves while performing tawaf… I understand you are extremely happy to be in the house of Allah… Who isn’t? But that does not give you the right to disturb and halt people who are focusing on making dua in tawaf. I’ve seen people so immersed in doing all this that they have actually stepped on some peoples head when they were prostrating. The Haram is a place of worship. I’m not asking you to stop taking pictures (it’s impossible anyways). There’s nothing wrong with it. You can take a picture when you are in a secluded spot or when you are sure you won’t be in someone’s way and besides you can find pictures on the internet. Taking pictures not only stops you from concentrating on your real goal (which is to pray) but also distracts others! Think about how many people must have gotten annoyed by you (as an example me! I’m so mad that I’ve decided to write an article about it). And lastly please don’t take pictures of every single thing that you find in the haram. I ve seen people taking pictures of things whose hashtags might look a little like this: #cat in haram   #sky above Ka’bah   #ceiling of haram #umbrellas opening in haram    #sunset in haram #iftaar at haram     #zamzam    #lizard in haram #little (whoever the poor soul maybe) in haram And lastly the one that I hate the most #me in front of the Ka’bah …Which is actually you blocking the view of the whole Ka’bah in the photo and behind the screen you have actually stopped the whole circle from performing tawaf. I think instead of ‘capturing the moment’ we should try to ‘live’ in it first. Unni


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