During the reign of Umar ibn khattab (RA), two men entered the court and dragged a little boy with them. Umar (RA) asked them ‘what is the matter?’  They told Umar (RA) that this boy had killed their father. The caliph asked the boy ‘Are they telling the truth?’  The boy said “Yes, but it was an accident, my camel used to tread from their property one day their father threw a stone at it hurting it. Seeing the camel in pain I was agitated and couldn’t hold myself so I threw a stone at him which resulted in his death.” Umar (RA) asked the brothers if they could forgive the boy but they wanted retribution. Confirming the situation Umar ibn Khattab asked that if he had any last wishes. The boy explained that his father had died and he has a younger brother, if they allow him three days’ time he would go and retrieve money hidden by his father and give it to his younger brother.  The caliph said he would agree to his request if the boy finds someone who can guarantee his return. The young boy asked the courtiers ‘Will someone not help me today’? There was silence in the court no body looked at the boy; suddenly someone raised a hand in the back. It was Abu Dharr Al Ghifari (RA), a Nobel companion. He stepped forward and vowed that he will become the boy’s guarantor. Now we should understand that to be guarantor is no baby stuff if the person you are guarantying about doesn’t return like in this case it would be head of Abu Dharr Al Ghifari (RA) that would be chopped off. The first day went by and nothing, the second day went by and no sign of the boy, by the time of ASR on the third day Abu Dharr Al Ghifari (RA) was escorted by the brothers to the court. As we all know that the day doesn’t end till Magrib so they all waited. Time went by and the anxiety was building up, there was restlessness all over Madina. Minutes before the Magrib’s azan the boy showed up. Everyone was relieved now. Umar ibn Khattab asked the boy why has he returned, he said:” I promised and didn’t want anyone to ever say that a Muslim gave his words but never fulfilled them”. Then Umar asked Abu Dharr Al Ghifari (RA) that what made want to be the boy’s guarantor. He said “I saw a Muslim in need of help and I didn’t want anyone to ever say that a Muslim was in need of help and nobody helped him”. Seeing this, the brothers said “We have people like these so how can a Muslim ask for forgiveness and no one be there to forgive him”, so they forgave the boy.

What does this incident illustrate to people like you and me? That in those times people used to recognize the brotherhood of Islam. They followed a code of conduct and this would mean to them greater than anything. Those were the people who learned the Quran, understood it and implemented it in their lives. People with magnificent character and this is exactly what led them to conquer half of the world.

Nowadays what do we do?? We judge fellow Muslims without even knowing them. And if someone ever wronged us in any manner we keep nourishing it in our hearts.

Dear reader… In this glorious month of Ramadan I want you to put aside those differences or disputes and go over to people you haven’t talked to in ages, extend your hand first for friendship, remove those needles and pins that you have embedded in your hearts. FORGIVE THEM SO THAT ALLAH MAY FORGIVE YOU!

Deco Ryuu …


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