A Princess or a Knight?

elegant-lace-strapless-a-line-princess-wedding-dress-sl024I was discussing about the work and responsibility of a woman with my cousin the other day and she stated something funny with which the whole talk came to an end. Do you know what she said?

She wished she was a man!

I just laughed when I read her message, but later on it had me thinking why did she say that?

Allah سبحانه وتعالى made human beings with great logic and accuracy. Their Chemistry is one of a kind especially when they are bonded in a relationship. Man and woman both have a part to play in each other’s lives. I belong to the 90’s generation and I have witnessed a great change in the thinking of women in the past few years. They demanded freedom and equality, they demanded respect and education, they compared themselves to men and stood beside them, they did whatever they could to be recognised in the community.

In the beginning I supported these demands and my heart was without a doubt with all the women who were mistreated but after becoming a student of Islam I realised something. Islam gave the women freedom, it gave women protection and support, it encouraged women to learn, it raised the status of a woman above a man when she became a mother and made her equal to a son. Allah سبحانه وتعالى made daughters a Rahma, for which a man will not be questioned. He made the daughters a wall between a father and Fire. What else could a woman ask for in Islam?

What surprised me was that our women do not understand the importance that Islam has given them. They follow the women in West more than the Mothers of the believers as a matter of fact. They do not realize that the woman in West might be able to drive on her own or earn her own living or dress however she likes, or become the head of a family but in the midst of it all she forgets her true self.  Yes she might be able to do a lot of things we as Muslim women can’t or don’t do but at the cost of what? Have you ever wondered what do they go through? While you always have the option of staying at home and enjoying your meals, they work all day long, and despite their efforts get half the salary of a man. They feel extremely unprotected on the streets and get raped by the lowliest of men in their community. They date, get to have children, get cheated by their husbands/boyfriends, become the guardians of their homes, pay for their kids tuitions and become old working and working and working. They think they are superior or at least equal to men. Well that’s what you get for thinking like that.

Now let’s see what Islam has to say. Men are superior to women as is mentioned in the Quran Surah An Nisa ayah 34.

surah nisa 34

Let’s see why?

I would like to give you certain examples from my life. I was born in a well-educated family. I live in a community where women don’t go down the store and buy groceries without their guardians. I have never driven a car. I have never lifted anything heavy my whole life. When I walk by a group of men on the street, they lower their heads and make way for me. When I ask a man for directions, he respectfully guides me. I have never worked outside my house. I have never visited any outdoor party without my dad. You know why? Well my dad treats me like a princess…! And so he makes sure I am safe. He is always by my side and supports me through all the good and bad. He buys me everything I ask for and fulfils all my wishes. My dad is the only man in our house which puts a lot of burden on him but I have never seen him complaining about it. He happily protects us all.

Had Allah swt created men and women equal to each other, men wouldn’t have been able to protect their women this way. Allah سبحانه وتعالى created women gentle and fragile, they need to be protected and taken care of. Had this not been the case, men and women would have never loved each other the same way.

Knowing what status Islam has given me and how it has ordered my father to treat me like a princess and my husband to treat me like a queen, I have nothing to say but thank Allah Almighty for this prestigious honour.

I would like to thank my dad for protecting me, loving me and treating me specially. I promise to always live up to his expectations and become his support when he grows old.

Finally to all the Muslim women who think they should have been men, you should know it’s not easy to be one. You are used to being protected, so you don’t know how hard it is to be a knight!

-Daughter of an amazing father

3 thoughts on “A Princess or a Knight?

  1. Subhanallah ! ✨ جزاك الله خيرن ✨ for sharing ! Do you live in Saudi ? Because I think that’s the only country women can’t drive. I want to live in Saudi one day inshallah !

    Liked by 2 people

      • Ameen! Mashallah! You are so lucky! I went to Saudi once and loved it alhamdulilah. Have you lived there all your life? I also don’t mind the no driving rule in saudi, and I love how everyone covers up in abaya and niqab with modesty compared to how it is here in America where I live.


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