Unalloyed Truth!


There are many things in this world that are discordant. People conflict about the existence of god. They suggest that time is a man-made illusion. Some say great minds think alike while others like to believe fools seldom differ. In all this commotion, there’s not even a single person who denies death.  No one has ever contradicted its essence and nobody can stop it. No matter how much science progresses or how much technology advances, the one hard inevitable truth that each one of us has to gulp down our throats is that someday we will die and our souls will leave our bodies. Occasionally death strucks some of us out of the blue. But every now and then it grants a few of us some moments to ponder on this mystery known as “life”.

Looking back at life what do we find? If we are to ask ourselves what are we living for? Every day we get up early, go to work, granted that workload kills us, but still we give it our best shot. Why are we so persistent that we even keep on reiterating the same routine for years after years? What is our intellect behind giving it our all? Is it money? Is it just to survive?

How amazing it is that we forget about life and work our heads off to make money, then with this very same money we try to buy our lives back that we forgot to live. Death doesn’t tell anyone when it will come, that knowledge remains with Allah alone. The angle of death does not care whether someone is a king or if someone is an oppressor. When it’s your time, it comes and gets you, and there’s no stopping it.

Our religion tells us to remember death at all times. The Holy Prophet of Allah (SAW) has said, “The most intelligent person is the one who often remembers death. Constant remembrance of death prevents one from evil and sin and motivates him towards good morals”. Research now tells us that when patients are told that they have a limited amount of time left, their attitude towards life changes completely, these people get their priorities straight, they have the motivation to experience things as if they have start living again. It is human psychology that when we realize we are about to lose something we start craving for it more and more.

As Muslims, we should be the first ones to visualize this reality and stop wasting our time. We are so indulge in our luxurious lives that we have forgotten the purpose of our creation. Our goals are not the worldly gains but the hereafter. This life is an opportunity given to us, we can either avail it or it gets the better of us anyways!!!

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