And she died in Sujood..


We often hear about someone passing away while praying,or in Sujood or while reading Quran and always have this strong desire to be in such a state when our time comes.

The Scholars have said that one of they way a person has a good-ending (خاتمة حسنة) is by doing good deeds that is between him and Allah swt only, no one but Allah swt knows about them and the opposite is true for a bad-ending (سوء خاتمة), that a person secretly sins and disobeys Allah swt, thus dying while disobeying Allah swt.

Try increasing your good deeds when no one but Allah swt is watching you.

You don’t know it could be that charity which you gave while no one was watching.

Or  tear that ran down your cheek out of they fear of Allah while supplicating in the darkness of the night.

Or the 2 Ra’kats you prayed while the rest of the world was sleeping.

Or the smile you passed to the poor man while walking down the street.

Or the remembrance of Allah swt your tongue was engaged in every time you were in car while no one knew about it and was getting recorded by the Angles at your right.

It could be the slightest thing you have done which was between you and Allah swt that becomes a reason for the Angels to take away your soul while you are in the best state in the sight of Allah swt! What a beautiful way to leave this world and go to our Creator!

May Allah swt grant us all a good-ending and make the best day of the our lives the day we meet Him and He is pleased with us. Ameen.



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