How many Deah Barakahs will you shoot down?


It’s not been long since they shot down Deah Barakah, his wife and her sister. We have also heard of 21 other shootings that took place in France along with 33 incidents of insults and threats.Not to mention the accidents that are not reported and shown on media. So have you wondered why do they keep shooting down Muslims? Well the reason is that we ARE Muslims…

Have you ever seen anyone insulting a weak person?
No… You only dishonor the honored, humiliate the wise, rebuke the knowledgeable…because you don’t want to acknowledge them being superior, stronger and better than you.

This is what has happened…

Prophet Adam came down with the message of Tawheed (the oneness of God), many prophets came after him- all with the same message. When Moses came with Taurah, his followers became known as Jews. The Jews changed their book and corrupted it so Allah SWT sent down Jesus with Injeel (Bible) to guide them to the right path. The followers of Jesus became known as Christians. The Jews rejected Jesus and Injeel and killed the wise amongst the Christians, corrupted their books and mislead them. They have a history of disobeying the commandments of Allah SWT, killing the prophets and destroying anyone beside them. Then Allah SWT sent down Mohammad peace be upon him who came from the family of Ismail while the Jews come from Prophet Jacob’s lineage. They rejected him and the Quran because Mohammad didn’t come from the family of Jacob. The Jews that lived in Madinah during the time of the prophet peace be upon him recognized the Quran as the divine revelation from Allah SWT but they were reluctant to accept Islam.

Since that time until now they have only one goal, disgrace the Muslims. That is because Allah SWT chose the Muslim ummah over the Jews as the best nation, it’s the ummah with complete guidance from Allah SWT, it’s the ummah which is granted most favours from Allah SWT, it’s the strongest, the most knowledgeable, the most practical ummah if it follows the divine message…but you see they don’t like that at all. By ‘they’ I don’t just mean the Jews, it’s everybody who wants to break us. They kill the good ones amongst us, they are afraid that if the Muslims become stronger again, they will find no place to fulfil their atrocious plans and evil agendas.

The Muslims taught them their place a long time ago, but they have slowly corrupted our minds and have been quite successful at misguiding the Muslim ummah to the point that our own people call us terrorists, our own people stand up against their women who wear hijab, our own people make friends of the enemies and betray their true companions. I want to tell all those out there that We are strong! We will not let you kill our people, we will stand strong and defend ourselves and the religion of Allah.

Saddened as I am by the death of our brother and sisters…I pray to Allah SWT for their forgiveness…amen Brothers and sisters, don’t let the news, painful comments, insults and mockery take you down. Hold onto the Book and the Sunnah of the prophet peace be upon him, Islam is the only truth; it’s the only answer to all your questions, the best guidance that Allah SWT has sent down. Allah SWT has not just raised the status of one or two but nations that held onto the Quran. Make it your goal, don’t let the likes of them demotivate you, follow Islam where ever you are, however you are, for in that is all the good written for you.

I have done my part as a Muslim, as a student of Islam…I have tried my best to stand up and defend my people.

Now it’s your turn…

Faadi S Teppei


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