I am a…

i_am_a_muslim_by_bad4eva-d33sse8Muslim is someone who submits his will to Allah one who follows the faith of Islam. The term has been used twice in the Quran. Discussing the term Muslim, Hasan Gai Eaton mentions:

The term Muslim (with a capital letter) is properly applied only to those who follow the message of Quran, but when it takes the lower case, it has a far more universal meaning. In the first place, everyone and everything is muslim, in the sense that all, knowingly or unknowingly, are subject to the divine will and cannot escape from it. The rock that falls by the force of gravity is muslim, so are the birds and beasts of the field, so too is the mankind as a whole. All submit to the will of their Creator. (Remembering God,page 5)

Everything in the universe acts according to the will of Allah swt so they are all under His commandment. The whole universe is therefore muslim, with the exception to mankind. That is because we humans are blessed with the power of will and have a free choice of obeying or disobeying Allah…so are you a Muslim?

Faadi S Teppei


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