“…But I am not the best of you”

Any-Muslim-Abu-Bakr-as-Siddiq-Quotes-He had a spotless ancestry, humble nature, wide knowledge, and was well known for his refined manners. Abu Bakr’s name in Jahiliyyah (age of ignorance) was Abdul Kaaba. Prophet peace be upon him named him Abdullah. He lived as a well to do merchant in Makkah before the advent of Islam. He is known to have never worshiped an idol even before Islam. After the first wahi (revelation) came down, Abu Bakr became the first man to embrace Islam without any hesitation. From that very day to the day he died, he was a great support to Islam and the prophet peace be upon him. Some of the noticeable events in his life include migration to Madinah along with the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, handling widespread apostasies, and compilation of the Quran. He knew the prophet peace be upon him best and so would follow his footsteps closest. As soon as the pen’s tip touches the smoothness of the page, a lot of words come to mind, but none seem good enough to describe the noble character, bravery, and courage of the first Caliph of Islam. Abu Bakr is the man who was given glad tidings to Jannah (paradise) in his lifetime and regardless of his position or status was most humble and down to Earth. This is the man who when taking an oath said to his people:” I have been given the authority over you, but I am not the best of you”.

He is the man who dealt with the apostasy movement and false prophets with wisdom and took strong control of the vulnerable situation. One of his greatest achievements is the compilation of Quran. After the death of 70 memorizes of Quran in Battle of Yamamah, Abu Bakr ordered a copy of the Quran to be made on advice of Omar رضي الله عنه to keep the Quran preserved in text. He ruled for a short time of around two years and six months. During his caliphate Syria, Palestine and some parts of Iraq were conquered by the Muslims.

Abu Bakr was one of those people who would do anything for the sake of Islam. If only we were as determined as he was…


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