Ever since the beginning of times monotheism has had the longest and the most chequered history. Allah (swt) has sent devoted messengers to propagate his message throughout the centuries. Although as soon as the prophets left the idea of oneness of Allah was either distorted or subordinated to polytheism or pantheism.

There are major benefits of believing in one God

  • It allows a person to concentrate on unity rather than diversity.
  • It helps in guiding mankind on a straight path.
  • It makes us conscious that we will be accounted for our deeds.
  • We are all equal in front of Allah and bounded together by bonds of brotherhood.
  • Allah’s will and power provides us with confidence.
  • It minimizes everyday tension and stress as we have complete faith in Allah (swt).

When compared with other philosophies the concept of one God is the concept of confidence, contentment and of consciousness. It dignifies a human spirit and allows it to live a consistent life.



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