Choose: Orange or Red?

Orange or red?

“What to wear for the party tonight?” asked Badriyah earlier on a Saturday morning staring at her wardrobe. It was the big day today. The graduation. She calls Nura to come over and help her, but Nura suggested they go shopping and call Hanaan along. So off they went to their favorite mall. Well, even after seeing all the possible dresses for the party, they still couldn’t decide. Each of the three had different opinions and all seemed valid. 
“I guess you three could use some help in here.” they heard a voice from behind them. It was the store owners’ daughter! She was the most knowledgeable when it comes to fashion, no wonder their stores have people flocking in each day and the sales never seem to go down. Without thinking for a second, the three of them cried in unison: “Sure!!!” And oh boy! They spent over 4 hours and they didn’t realize!

Oh well..the story goes on to say they looked the best at the party last night! Of-course, they had to, after all they asked the opinion from the best fashion designer they know in town! 😉

This is most of us in the matters of the world. When we want something so much, we look for the best, we take the opinion of the best, we spend hours picking up the best clothes or spend so much money to get the best prevention for a disease. Or even go way beyond what we can to get what we want.

But, unfortunately, we seem to take the easy way out when it comes to matters of the religion. Or choose what we think is right, even if that does not go in accordance with the Qur’an and Sunnah.
When we advice people not to follow blindly, we hear a lot of; “But, what will people say?” or “But this doesn’t go well with the people nowadays” or “but this does not go along with the culture that we have been following for ages.”

Yes, it is a sad state. And we need to change!

Instead of taking the easy way out, go push yourself a little to find out what is the right thing.
Instead of bothering what will people think, ask yourself: “What does my Lord want me to do”
Instead of pleasing the creation, try pleasing your Creator.

Life is more easier then and you will be living a happier life in the world and you will be the happiest in the Hereafter!

Well, now you may ask, “what if I find conflicting opinions and can’t decide myself?”
Take a look at this:  and


I ask Allah to guide us all to what pleases Him and keep us steadfast in His Deen!


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